CSCI 3550: Communication Networks

Spring 2019

Meeting time: TR 12:00-1:15
Classroom: PKI 155
Instructor: Dr. Harvey Siy
Office: PKI 281B
Phone: (402)554-2834
Email: hsiy at unomaha dot edu
Office Hours: TR 1:30-2:30pm, or email ahead to arrange an appointment
Computer Network: A Top-Down Approach (7th ed) by Kurose and Ross, Pearson, 2017.
Companion Website (requires textbook code)
Author Website
(optional) Computer Networks: A Systems Approach (5th ed) by Peterson and Davis, Morgan-Kaufmann, 2012.


This course is for a first course on computer networking, and it will cover a blend of theoretical topics and practical examples as well as the state of the art in networking research with a focus on Internet technologies. This course will focus on core concepts that are essential for current network practitioners who want to understand the 'whys' behind the protocols they work with every day and to see the big pictures of networks. The course topic also includes network application development in which students get hand-on experience with basic network programming and development of simple network applications on top of TCP/IP.


Learning Objectives

Students who complete this course will:
  1. Learn about traditional and modern network technologies.
  2. Learn about details of common network protocols.
  3. Better understand Internet implementation.
  4. Learn how Internet works and how to design/implement Internet applications.
  5. Learn about performance issues in network communication, so that different network protocols can be compared.

Major Topics

  1. Computer networks and the Internet
  2. Application layer
  3. Transport layer
  4. Network layer
  5. Link layer and LANs
  6. Wireless and mobile networks
  7. Security


Exam 1 25%
Exam 2 25%
Written Assignments 20%
Programming Assignments 15%
Project 10%
Class Participation 5%

Policy on Late Assignments

Late assignments will get a 20% deduction per day, for each day past the due date. For online submissions, we will follow the time stamp as reported by Canvas. Paper submissions must be handed directly to me on the day it is due.

Academic Integrity

For formal policies about cheating and plagiarism, consult the UNO Student Policies and Department of Computer Science Policies and Procedures.

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