CSCI 4970: Computer Science Capstone Demos

December 10, 2020
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Project Descriptions and Preview Videos


BuilderTrend React Migration
This project supports BuilderTrend's initiative to switch from an older JavaSript framework to React for a more agile and innovative web application.
Team: Eric Rowe, Kevin Rateni Iatauro, Kevin Hanson, Myles Azevedo


BuilderTrend Static Site Generation
This project develops an in-house solution for BuilderTrend to host customer websites.
Team: Isaac Poulin, Frankie Holzapfel, Abit Jurkuch, Andrew Vaughn


This project explores machine learning applications for agriculture education by developing a game that pits users against a trained model.
Team: Ben Knutson, Ian Maher, Nick Ahern, Sean Buesing, Jacob Pettinger


Blockchain Simulator
This project delivers a website for learning about blockchain technology in a hands-on approach.
Team: Xingyu Chen, Zexi Xing, Yimin Li, Bishwodeep Karki


Dragon's Lair Comics Pull List
This project delivers an automated pull list to assist a comic books store manage their weekly shipments of comic book issues.
Team: Joseph Maxwell, Jesse Schrack, Jackson Cunningham, Logan Sortino, Brian Johnstone, Matt Noah, Kyle Zyla


PrairieSTEM SimBot
This project delivers a virtual STEMBoT simulated in a Unity environment.
Team: Rosemary Keenan, Parker Jensen, Joseph Gombold, Uy Nguyen


PairieSTEM STEMBoT to Raspberry Pi Integration
This project adds a Raspberry Pi on top of the STEMBoT, utilizing the Pi camera for remote viewing. This enables the STEMBoT to be controlled remotely.
Team: Tim Hazlett, Peter Crusinberry


Moyer Cabinets Website Replacement
This project delivers a redesign of Moyer Cabinets' website.
Team: Sam Beste, Chris Schmitt, Josh Miranda, Jack Braswell


Paradise Homeowners' Association Website
This project delivers a website for Paradise Homeowners' Association, enabling members to pay fees and post messages.
Team: Kyle Wieser, Dylan Burton, Robin Suda, Amrit Sharma